Ideas about mind and brains, made simple

The ‘who are you?’ question.

Our minds and brains are complex. (formerly CognoBytes) features few top researchers and thinkers worldwide who work on mind, brain and behaviour by bringing their personal messages to you in small packages so that everybody can know more.

The scholars are handpicked, and the list is very selective about who is included but always open for nominations.



Cognitive Science contains a vast and diverse set of fields. Communications in Cognitive Science are spread over a large number of disciplinary and interdisciplinary journals. Thus, novel methods to foster awareness of new ideas and results such as this website are of great importance.

– Michael Posner, Professor Emeritus, University of Oregon (2014).


A few questions

For your convenience, some common questions are answered here.

Q: Who are the researchers who are featured in the list of Scholars?

A: There is no specific rule we follow. As we come across good researchers and when others nominate somebody, we wish to request the researcher for being featured. If the researcher agrees, we add that person in our list. An important deciding factor is publications in good peer reviewed journals or being involved with great research either focused on society or on advancing basic research. They can be at any level of their career including independent researchers/consultants. However, any decision we take remains final.


Q: Where can I advertise on this site? Advertising costs? 

A: At this time, we do not offer advertisng space.


Q: How can I contribute?

A: Looking for a few enthusiastic regional co-ordinators who take this idea to top researchers and labs across the world so that many more wonderful people can be featured. Please send an email to the contact person below.



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Founder and Co-ordinator
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